+Armand Salmon  Why was my post in “Street Photography”, which asked for a recommendation for a program to batch re-name photos removed?  I posted it in what I thought to be a relevant sub topic to this community (“Tutorials/How To).  You even responded to it before it was removed.

My original question: “Does anyone have a recommendation for software (preferably free) that will batch re-name photo files? What I’d like to do is have the program take the original date from the EXIF data and place it in the file name.  Thanks!”

Your Community Guidelines state:
4.) Engage in the community. Ask questions, and help by answering other questions if you can. This is the core intention of this group…

I’m confused as to why this was subjected to a violation of your communities guidelines. #moderators   #owners   #Gplusguidelines   #photographyhelp

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